Ravpower vs Anker Power Bank Reviews Best Portable Power Bank 

Best Portable Power Bank Review

Virtually all smartphone buyers have to know the difficulty when phone battery could quickly run out. Seldom even in the critical circumstances, far away from the expected wall socket. Whether you’re camping or hiking, portable power bank has shifted a democratic option, smartphones and tablets need power equipment on the go.

Some companies combine into the modern period of its outer phone battery pack with an exceptional load device in status to always provide the equipment to be charged to the supreme current.

Reasonable enough, the new pocket juice portable charger of two significant companies are to support a severe test. Evaluation measures: capability and amperage. Besides the potential, the weight and the size of a power bank portable charger, the best flow during the charging process is an important measure in the evaluation.

A portable charger for iPhone 6 suggests model optimally at limited 1 ampere, whereas an iPad Air can compare more than 2 amps. Therefore portable phone charger is always with USB support with firm current, each with a 1- and 2 amps.

In the latest portable battery pack crop diversity, there are some similar charge devices, which produce a shifting amperage or a combined electric charging, in other words, that could “explain” the portable phone battery electronics things compared, and improve the weight range automatically to the highest value.

Ravpower Vs Anker Power Bank

Ravpower and Anker are the best pocket juice charger brands accessible in the US now. While ravpower power bank has launched many innovative highlights in our products that have rivaled Anker portable charger contributions at lowering expenses.

Normally, you will see that top-end highlights such as quick portable charger 3.0 Input/Output and USB-C PD are prepared in ravpower power bank at moderately inexpensive than Anker phone charger.

Both contribute comparable 18-month guarantee and have an excellent customer service experience, assuring that you will get your external battery pack renewed easily in case of any failure. To further you want the best between the two Ravpower vs Anker, we will compare both Anker and ravpower power bank across all available portable phone charger capabilities.

Quick Portable Phone Charger

As far as Fast Charge 3.0 Output phone battery pack come it is nearly an identical surface between Anker power core II Slim 10000 and ravpower 12000 charger QC 3.0.

If you have the advanced smartphone with Quick Charge 3.0 and want to instantly restore your portable USB charger in about 3-4 hrs than Anker power core II Slim 10000 is the champion as it allows both QC 3.0 Input (for carrying USB power bank) and QC 3.0 Output (for charging the phone). Ravpower battery pack 12000 allows QC 3.0 output but does not give QC 3.0 input and therefore needs to be continued to carry itself (about 6 hrs). Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 gets filled in just 4 hrs.

Anker Power Bank charging


Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 is also much thinner than ravpower external battery and smaller by 1 oz. However, the 20% extra potential of ravpower 12000 charger QC 3.0 is well worth the 1 oz extra weight.

Ravpower battery pack 12000 also offers 2 carrying ports preferably of 1 port in Anker power core II Slim 10000. Anker II Slim 10000 is a lighter, thinner, and quicker recharging portable power bank but extends at an inadequate price premium.

We think that both Anker II Slim 10000 and ravpower 12000 QC 3.0 are both paired and would get a great buy. If we have to take one, we will choose Anker portable battery II Slim 10000 for its and new technology, light, super-slim build and QC 3.0 input.

Fast Charging Portable Phone Charger

Ravpower 12000 is the obvious victor if you are resembling for a quick portable charger that can abandon 2.4 Amp max charging approved by iPhone external battery. Anker PowerCore 10000 is much lighter and petite but Ravpower 12000 gives 20% more assault capability, and an additional port and that too at a cheaper price.

RAVPower charging

Both RAVPOWER 12000mAh Power Bank and Anker 10000 power banks get carried in related times (5-6 hrs) using 2.4 amp input. If you require the most pact and lightest 10000 mAh single-port portable phone charger go for Anker power core 10000 However, if you need the best battery capability at a minimum value in a small box but do not mind the slightly higher bulk, go for ravpower 12000 battery pack.

Ravpower vs Anker Power Bank

In the 20000 & 22000 mAh power source no Quick charging category, we select the best presents – ANKER PowerCore II 20000 and RAVPOWER 22000 Power Bank.  Both these massive chargers have 3 harbors each and are fully able to fast charging 3 games all! Both of these are excellent options as complex duty and low-cost portable battery pack for the entire family on tours and during a journey. Anker PowerCore is a newly published portable battery pack that is somewhat trivial and lighter than ravpower charger.

Power BankRAVPower 22000 Power BankAnker PowerCore II 20000
Battery Capacity22000mAh20000mAh
Size6.50 x 0.94 x 2.76 inch6.5 x 2.4 x 0.9 inch
Max Input2.4A 2A
Charging Speed5.8 AmpsQC 3.0
Recharging Time12 - 13 hrs___
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Benefits of RAVPower 22000 Power Bank:

  • 10% extra assault capability – a very important plus when couples with its cheaper price.
  • A minor price, thus giving it a good chance as it definitely offers 20% more assault potential dollar to dollar. And if you can get any reduction, then it enhances an also more charming deal.

The factor of Anker PowerCore II 20000:

  • It takes charged in 6 hours contrasted to 12 hrs used by RAVPOWER 22000 battery.
  • It gives max 3 Amp flow at the individual port, greater than 2.4 amp max from 1 port.

While examining these two series we are scorning the relatively minor modern output and influence diversity. That being said, if we must get best feature battery potential for charging 3 devices at once for the affordable price, we will choose ravpower 22000 battery pack.

Which One is Better Ravpower Vs Anker?

If you require fast charging portable battery pack such as 3.0 quick charging than Anker PowerCore 20000 is an excellent choice. Anker PowerCore is also slim and lighter than RavPower Power Bank. It provides also quick charging experience and 3.0 Input/Output. Its an efficient and USB-C output to charge smartphone and tablets. Although it has lower price affordable and best USB power bank. It contains best battery pack charger also portable cell phone charger So, what’s more, Anker Power Bank is the winner now.

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