What is a Power Bank? How to Buy Power Bank Online

What Is A Power Bank?

The power bank is comparatively little and ordinarily extremely portable device that is utilized to recharge the battery of any other device (usually phone battery) on the go. It is a complete requirement if you are a regular adventurer. Portable Phone Charger achieves to be as little and as great as reasonable. That means you can consume them in your purse or flat pouch and do anytime you want them, no trouble where you are.

– How to buy Power Bank Battery Pack

– Top list of Portable Power Bank

Those gadgets are very beneficial for any of us, uniquely for business people who use their phones for many hours in a day. Smartphones normally have great batteries, but they also have great screens and many apps that “drain” the battery very quick, no focus how many mAh it has. Besides that, no battery can actually remain the entire day if you consume the whole day touch-typing messages and getting calls. That’s why we use power banks. They can restore phone battery very fast whenever we don’t have wall outlet nearby.

Portable Power Bank can be classified into three essential lists by the power of mAh and size. The prime list compares to the least Portable Phone Charger, their ability isn’t normally higher than 5000 mAh and they cannot charge your phone more than once. These are the valuable Portable Phone Charger on the market. The next list associates with powerful devices such as 5000, 6000, 7000-10000 mAh capacity and they can charge maximum two times your phone. The last list links to more valuable goods such as 11000, 14500 or more mAh capacity. They are the most costly but they can charge your phone battery various times as well as charge your laptop battery.

How to Buy Power Banks for Cell Phones

Note: If you are a beginner and you buy a Portable Power Bank for the first time than Read this article from top to end and focus on the Portable Power Bank features that are in below. We know that these features may help you to buy Best Portable Power Bank in Power Bank Online market.

How to buy Portable power bank


Capacity means the storage of Portable Battery Pack and how long battery-time. Power bank capacity is measured in mAh, similar to the Portable Battery Pack. Portable Battery Pack is also measured in mAh. The Power Banks for Cell Phones is used to store electrical energy to charge our phones because of Portable Battery Pack by electric power.

Portable Power Bank also has high mAh rather than phone battery mAh. According to the universal rule, the electrons are travel from high-level to low-level. That’s why power banks for cell phones are used to charge phone batteries but low mAh power cannot charge the laptop battery. For charge laptop batteries you can use high mAh Portable Power Bank that is higher than a laptop battery.

Capacity also affects the size of Portable Phone Charger high capacity requires high cases, it also affects the number of times depends on you how many times you can charge phones by Portable Power Bank. For example: if you have 2000 mAh phones battery, it means that you can require 3000mAh power bank to charge your phones at only one time if you want to charge our device at twice time you can get 5000 or 6000 mAh power bank for a better charge.

Ports Input/Output

Most of the Portable Phone Charger has at least two ports. One is Input and the other is Output port. The input port is used to charge the Portable Power Bank and store electrical energy and the Output port is used to recharge the phone battery One side of the Output port is USB-Port and the other side Mini-USB Port. Power Bank also come here by lightning and USB-C port that is a very useful feature. It can enable to charge your phone faster and faster.
The wires that are come with power banks are not supported with some devices. For example, if you have a cable with USB-C connector and your device doesn’t approve it, there’s no access to charge a phone with micro USB input port.

Fast Charging

There is an easy to find out the best fast charging Portable Phone Charger that charge your phones faster. The charging speed depends upon the (Potential Energy – V) and (the amount of energy that goes from Portable Power bank to phones battery). The speed of charging relates to the wattage higher wattage has fast charging speed such as (5V/2.1A). The speed also depends on the specification of your devices.

The latest power banks are fast charging as well as better Input/Output experience. The Portable Power Bank detects that how many power the device received. Tablets and iPads can receive more power and power bank supply them maximum potential they can receive.

Here, the Top 3 best Portable Phone Charger that has all these features and these power bank is best and valuable in the market you can easily buy Power Bank Online.

NO 1: Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350mAh

Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350mAh Best Portable Power Bank



Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350mAh is one of the powerful lipstick size Portable Phone Charger that charges your phone battery at only one time. Anker PowerCore+ Mini is a 3rd generation and Premium Aluminum Portable Power Bank.

  • Up to 1X plus phone battery.
  • MultiProtect protection system.
  • High-speed charging PowerIQ technology.


The External Portable Battery Pack of Anker PowerCore+ is most compatible and high-speed charging technology. Ultra Compact and original lipstick-shaped aluminum design one of the most powerful ‘mini’ chargers on the market. Recharges your phone within 3-4 hours with a 1 amp adapter and gives a much-needed boost to your phone when you go out of power on the go. PowerCore+ is our powerful range of portable chargers, manufactured utilizing only superior supplies and the numerous excellent charging technology.

NO 2: Anker PowerCore 5000mAh Ultra-Compact

Anker PowerCore 5000mAh Ultra-Compact best portable power bank

The Anker PowerCore 5000mAh is also a powerful and Ultra-Compact Portable Phone Charger that charge your phone battery with power juice potential. It provides a high technology fast charging speed and contains 5000mAh power that is enough for two devices to charge anytime. Provided with independent PowerIQ technology, it gives the quickest potential charge to any phone or tablet.

  • Space-efficient Tubular Shape
  • 2 High-Speed Phone Charges
  • High-Speed Universal Charging


Over an inch inadequate than maximum smartphones. Appreciations to Anker’s excellent Portable Battery Pack technology, PowerCore 5000’s high potential is easily compressed into its space-efficient case. Our various democratic charging sequence always. And the unfolding of one of Amazon’s best-selling portable chargers of all season. With high-speed charging, more superior technology, and even genuine portability.

NO 3: Anker PowerCore 10000mAh High-speed Charging Technology

Anker PowerCore 10000mAh best portable power bank

The Anker PowerCore 10000mAh is one of the compact power bank and the top in the list that charge your phone battery at multiple times. This is the Ultra-Compact Portable Power Bank that can be easily fit on your Pockets, Purse and much more. It is the best for adventures you can easily charge your cell phones batteries at any time

  • MultiProtect protection system.
  • One of the world’s best size-to-capacity rate.
  • PowerIQ, max-speed charging technology.



It gives high-technology fast charging speed and Multi-Protect safety system. That’s mean you can charge your Portable Phone Charger securely and recharge them your phones. Premium external Portable Battery Pack with PowerIQ and durable superior quality. This is perfect for outdoor adventures and durability provide you to charge your cell phone battery at any environment.




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